Why invest in employee wellness?

Because you'll have a healthier and more productive staff. When employees are healthy and happy, health plan costs are greatly reduced. Ultimately, the company ends up saving money. Poor employee health has a direct impact on productivity, morale, and health care costs. Corporate wellness programs improve health. When making the decision to finance a wellness program it is always a good idea to consider the cost of doing nothing. Most companies have found that having a good wellness program will produce a positive ROI and quickly become an important business strategy. When done by professionals, such as those with Sava Wellness, they provide awareness and direction for employers looking to engage in a culture of improved health.     



A great majority of health care costs are attributed to chronic conditions that are preventable. For example, heart disease can be prevented with proper diet and exercise. Through identifying at risk employees, we are able to prevent larger issues in the future. And this is exactly the purpose of a wellness screening. Once a baseline is set with that initial assessment, we can then help move that individual towards improved health and well-being. Another preventable and extremely serious condition is the seasonal flu. The best way to prevent the flu is through a simple flu vaccine.  And with Colorado being hit the hardest of U.S. states in 2019, it is especially vital to offer this protective service.  By getting a flu shot, you protect yourself and help prevent the flu from spreading to your family, friends, and those in your work environment.  



Employee wellness programs only work when used consistently. How to get employees to participate? The answer: incentives. Everyone loves to save! Offering wellness-program participants incentives, from health plan discounts, to cash and prizes, or paid time off, is one of the most effective and easiest methods to get increased member involvement. 

Now, to take action!

​​Want your employees to take positive action steps? The answer lies in hiring an elite provider, such as Sava Wellness, to design a program around your employee workflow. Besides offering detailed reporting, Sava Wellness excels in engaging employees via an array of clinics, educational offerings,  and personal coaching tailored to their specific needs. We are here to serve you!

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