About Us

Sava Wellness is a clinician owned wellness company specializing in on-site wellness screenings, health coaching, flu clinics and education services. Based out of Denver, Sava serves a wide variety of corporate and community organizations throughout Colorado, from corporate offices to shared-workspaces to recreation centers and everyone in-between. Sava is made up of savvy health professionals with a passion for wellness and an unparalleled dedication to customer experience.


Our Mission: To improve the health and wellness of Colorado residents by making health care readily available, affordable and convenient. We do this by providing on-site preventative health services to worksites and community based organizations across Colorado.


Our Philosophy:  We believe  your health is your most valuable asset. It's difficult to enjoy life if you're  constantly struggling from sickness.

Sava believes that most chronic condtions can be preventable through:

  • Regular exercise

  • Proper nutrtition

  • Lifestyle modifications 

  • Routine wellness screenings

  • Early intervention

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